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Felt Filters are simply a filter that utilizes felt as the primary material for the filtration action. Felt is a cloth type material that is produced by condensing, matting and pressing fibers. Felt can be manufactured soft, medium or course texture and tough enough to form construction materials. Felt can be dyed any color, and formed or fabricated into any shape or size. Felt materials filters are very versatile and cost effective because the formed matte can be made into virtually any three-dimensional shape. Felt has very low density, weight and good permeability, good fluid flow capacity or rates and can capture large amounts of debris.

Felt is made by a manufacturing process called wet felting. Wool fiber is worked by applying moisture (usually soapy water), and moving the fibers against a friction medium. The fibers are worked or reciprocated at a various angles against the friction medium forming bunched fibers or stitched type arangement.At any given moment only about 4%-6% of the fibers are activated by the friction action which results in the fibers becoming deactivated as they are moved from the friction medium.

The wet process of manufacturing felt takes advantage of the inherent nature of wool and other animal hairs small scales on their surface which are oriented directional. Wool fibers will also have some waviness the combination of surface scales is the characteristics that gives the friction and action that causes the phenomenon of felting of wool.

Felt filters are capable of filtering particles from 1 to 200 of microns, has very chemical compatibility,
High flow - low pressure drop, can be sewn into any shape

Felt Filter Bags

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