Vibration Considerations Air Filter System, Filter Design 

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Vibration and pulsation can be produced in an air or gas cleaning installation by turbulence generated in poorly designed ducts, transitions, dampers, and fan inlets and by improperly installed or balanced fans and motors. Excessive vibration or pulsation can result in eventual mechanical damage to air filter system components. Weld cracks in ducts, housings, and component mounting frames can be produced by even low-level local vibration if sustained, and vibrations or pulsations that produce no apparent short-term effects may cause serious damage over longer periods.

Vibration produces noise that can range from the unpleasant to the intolerable. Important factors in the prevention of excessive vibration and noise include planning at the initial building layout stage and space allocation to ensure that adequate space is provided for good aerodynamic design of ductwork and fan connections. Spatial conflicts with the process and with piping, electrical, and architectural requirements should be resolved during early design to avoid the compromises so often made during construction that frequently lead to poor duct layout and resulting noise and vibration. Ducts should be sized to avoid excessive velocities, while maintaining the transport velocities necessary to prevent the settling out of particulate matter during operation. Fan vibration can be minimized through the use of vibration isolators and inertial mountings.

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