Rubber Elastomer Coatings Application Guide ( Rubber Rolls Rollers )

Industrial Coating Types, Processes
Rubber Roller Rolls Products

Finishing and Plating Specifications  

The following charts provide an application overview in for typical rubber / elastomer materials used to coat products, such as rubber rolls and rubber rollers. Rubber coating application is a fundamental consideration in the selection of coating material. Temperature, friction, material being coated, should all be considered when selecting the appropriate rubber / elastomer coating. As always, Engineers Edge recommends contacting an applications specialist with design and engineering requirements to ensure best material selection.
Material Properties EPDM Nitrile Nitrile PVC Carboxylated Nitrile Hydrogenated Nitrile
Hardness Shore A 30-40 29-95 60-90 40-95 45-98
Abrasion Resistance C C B A A
Tear Resistance D C C A A
Load Bearing C B C A A
Hysteresis D D F F C
Denting Resistance D C F D C
Maximum Operating Temperature
350F 250F 250F 275F 350F
Ozone Resistance A F C F A
Resiliency C C D D B
Compatability EPDM Nitrile Nitrile PVC Carboxylated Nitrile Hydrogenated Nitrile
Acids A D C D C
Caustics A C C C B
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons F A A A C
Aromatic Hydrocarbons D C B C A
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons F F F F B
Water A B B C F
Ketones A D F D D
Alcohol A A A B A
Esters A F F F F


Material Properties Silicone  EPDM Silicone Neoprene Natural Rubber Viton Urethane - Ether
Hardness Shore A 40-90 40-90 30-90 25-99 55-85 40-95
Abrasion Resistance C C C A D A
Tear Resistance F D B A C A
Load Bearing F D B A C A
Hysteresis A C B A D A
Denting Resitance A C D A D A
Maximum Operating Temperature
500F 400F 250F 212F 500F 212F
Ozone Resistance A A C F A B
Resiliency F B B A C B
Compatability Silicone  EPDM Silicone Neoprene Natural Rubber Viton Urethane - Ether
Acids B B C C A F
Caustics B B B C A F
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons D F C F A D
Aromatic Hydrocarbons C D D F A F
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons C D F F A F
Water B B C A B D
Ketones C A C A F F
Alcohol B B B A D C
Esters C D C A D F

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