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Screw Worm Gear Gear Axial Force Equation and Calculator

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This calculator will determine the axial thrust or load applied on a screw (worm gear) thread. Reference: Schaum's Outline Machine Design. Enter desired data within the boxes, calculations should be automatic.

See bottom of webpage for: Calculate, Reset or Print (Screen).

This calculator requires a java enabled browser.

    Applied Torque    
      T = Nmm  
    Major Thread Radius
(Major Diameter/2)
      ro = mm      
    Thread Depth      
      h = mm    
    Minor Thread Radius  
      ri =  
    Mean Thread Radius
(Pitch Diameter)
      rm =  
    Effective Radial Area Contact Surface (Load Bearing)  
      rc =
    Coefficient of Friction Screw Thread and Mating (Nut) Thread  
      f =  
    Coefficient of Friction at Collar  
      fc =  
    Thread Pitch (equals thread pitch for single thread screws)  
      L = mm  
    Angle of Thread at Mean Radius  
      a =
    Thread Angle at Bearing Surface (Thread Included Angle)  
      q =  
    Angle Between Tangent to Tooth Profile (on the Loaded Side) and a Radial Line  
    qn =    
    Thread Constant  
      Rc =
    Load Parallel to Screw Thread Axis  
      W =
    Efficiency of the Screw Thread Mechanism (ratio of work out to work in)  
    Torque required to advance the nut (if negative then torque needs to be applied to hold nut still)  
      Tad =

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