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Brad Nails Standard Size and Length

Brad Nails, Type I, Style 1 per ASTM F 1667

Steel wire, brad head, diamond point, round smooth shank, bright finish. When specified, brads shall have a modified brad head with a blunt or chiseled point for use with mechanical drivers.

All sizes given in inches


S = trade designation (reference in penny weight),
L = length, in.,
D = shank diameter, in.,
No. / lb = approximate count per pound


  • The lengths, L, of nails and spikes with flat heads or parallel shoulders under the head shall be measured from under the head or shoulder to the tip of the point.
  • The diameter, D, of smooth shank nails and spikes shall be measured away from the gripper marks. The diameter, D, of formed or deformed shanks shall be measured before deformation, or, if specified, the thread crest diameter after deformation, or both. All diameter dimensions shall be taken prior to the application of or after the removal of any coatings or finish.
  • Shank diameter tolerances shall be ±.002 in. for diameters smaller than 0.076 in. and ±.004 in. for diameters 0.076 in. and larger.
  • Length tolerances shall be ±1⁄32in. for lengths up to and including 1 in.; ±1⁄16 in. for lengths over 1 in., up to and including 21⁄2in.; ±3⁄32 for lengths over 21⁄2 in., up to and including 7 in.; and ±1⁄8 in. for all lengths over 7 in.

Brad Nail Designation

Brad Nail Straight


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