Retaining Rings Types and Applications

ANSI Mechanical Hardware

Retaining Rings are used to act as a mechanical stop or limit movement or to retain another part on a shaft or within a cylinder. There are primary types of retaining ring used in industry, stamped ring and spiral-wound ring. Stamped retaining rings, also called "snap rings" are manufactured (stamped) from flat sheet stock. Spiral wound retaining rings are formed onto a mandrel into a spiral form. The spiral form is then sheared or cut into the desired part. Typically, spiral wound retaining rings are made from spring type steel or copper beryllium.

Both stamped (snap) rings and spiral wound rings are installed into specially designed grooves within a cylinder or on a shaft. The retaining ring acts to capture or limit movement of a part to be retained.

External Retaining Ring External Retaining Ring
Internal Retaining Ring
Spiral Ring Spiral Ring
E Ring E Ring

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