Extruded Finned Heat Sink Radiation Formulae

Heat Transfer Engineering | Thermodynamics
Finned Extruded Heat Sink Supplier

Use the following equation to calculate the radiation from an extruded (finned) heat sink.


Q = Radiation
Nf = Number of fins heat sink has
Ts = Surface temperature of the heat sink
TA = Ambient Temperature
= Apparent Emissitivity



Heat Sink

( Apparent Emissitivity) is derived from the heat sink area and surface emittance.

Graph of apparent emissivity of 0.08

Apparent emissivity of 0.08

Graph of apparent emissivity of 0.8

Apparent emissivity of 0.8

References: "Thermal Radiation from Finned Heat Sinks"
Samuel Rea, S.E. West

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