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Air Cooled Chillers Review

Air Cooled Chillers are used to remove heat energy from fluids. These chillers are often used to provide cooled or heated air to industrial structures or applications. Air cooled chillers eliminate the requirement for a cooling tower and will reduce the installation and maintenance costs as compared to a cooling tower. However, air-cooled chillers are not as efficient as water or liquid cooled chillers.

Contrasting the typical air-conditioner used in residential environments that make use of the refrigerant's cooling capacity
directly, air chillers utilize chilled water. The chilled water is used to remove heat energy from the air supplied to the air conditioned volumes.

Operation and maintenance costs for air-cooled chillers will vary by sizing, application and compressor type. Screw and scroll type compressors generally are more costly to purchase, however are more durable and last longer reducing replacement and maintenance costs. Other advantages of air-cooled chillers is they do not require the space or area to locate the liquid cooled chiller. This allows installation for limited space applications.

For additional information see Control of Air-Cooled Chiller Condenser Fans using Clustering Neural Networks

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