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Modular Enclosures Office Systems Review

Modular Enclosures and Office Systems are used to create and separate or enclosed work areas . Modular means that these are pre-engineered custom or flexible assembly systems for creating separate or enclosed space. These modular systems are used within industry to create work areas such as: cleanrooms, office space, mezzanines, laboratories, computer rooms, industrial processing areas, and others.

Modular enclosures and offices are available within industry in a variety of materials and flexibility. Modular enclosures should be selected on application, environment, or flexibility and portability requirements. Most engineered modular enclosure and office systems are design and manufactured with easy and quick construction interface and securing mechanisms as, well as lightweight materials. Typical materials include aluminum, fabric, plastic, steel, wire mesh, stainless steel, or a combination of these.

Modular enclosures and office systems are normally engineered to meet local and industrial fire, sound, etc. requirements and may be engineered to far exceed typical codes depending upon application requirements. Custom modular enclosures are available or engineered for specific requirements, such as clean rooms, to have mobility, semiconductor fabrication enclosures, inspection rooms, medical rooms, special laboratories and others.

Engineered modular enclosures are often industry rated depending on application requirements. For example, NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) ratings qualify a enclosure or partition fro hazardous, non-hazadous, indoor or outdoor use. NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) provides a reference for NEMA standards and codes. Other industry specifications or codes one using engineered modular enclosures or office systems should consider are IEC (Electrotechnical Commission), OSHA, CDC or other industry related environment standards. Most custom engineered enclosure companies can assist and manufacture modular enclosures to custom or industry standard requirements.

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