Stainless Steel Storage Tank Design and Application

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Stainless Steel Storage Tank Design and Application

Stainless Steel Storage Tank Design and Application - Storage tanks made from stainless steel are used throughout industry in many configurations which depend upon functional requirements. These functional requirements include: capacity, storage median, operating environment, and installation requirements.

The orientation of the installed tank should be determined and a static or portable installation where the tank can be moved from one place to another, via wheels, casters or other devices. The storage tank installation should minimize all piping, especially exterior pipes in which hazardous materials flow or a solution can freeze if a failure occurs in the heating or environmental control equipment. Additionally, the storage tank and piping should located within a low-traffic area to minimize exposure to other equipment or personnel.

Vertical storage tanks are preferred rather than horizontal tanks since they take up less floor space. Tank should be supported on a adequate foundation, such asphalt or concrete. Connections at the top of a tank should be designed such that they are within one area near the edge of the tank to permit access for maintenance. The storage tank inlet is typically designed at the highest anticipated tank level with a pipe that extends and accesses the lowest tank level. The inlet pipe should have a siphon feature on the opposed side of the tank from the discharge location.

An atmospheric vent feature is normally included that is open all times. Fault sensors and safety features should also be considered as follows: high-level, high pressure, low level, temperature, pressure relief, sight glasses, etc.

Storage tank may require insulation depending on storage medium and performance at low temperature. Stainless steel is required in applications where the storage medium or environment is caustic or minimal contamination is required.

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