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Hot Stamping Manufacturing Review

Hot stamping manufacturing is process where an engraved plate (hot stamp die) compresses a foil film onto a medium resulting in the foil material to imprint in the pattern of the engraved plate (die). A wide selection of foil film finishes, colors, are available, such as; colored metallic's; multiple dimensioned patterns, gold, silver, simulation marble, leather, wood, and solid single color finishes.

Hot Stamping manufacturing process machinery applies heat, pressure on the foil film for a known duration onto the medium receiving the desired finish. Modern hot stamping machinery can accommodate a wide variety of dies for manufacturing simple and complex part shapes and patterns. Flat, round, convex, concave, spherical, oval, square, triangular, and even multi-faceted parts can be accommodated with custom hot stamp dies and machinery.

In a hot stamping machine, a die is mounted and heated, with the product to be stamped placed beneath it. A metallized or painted roll-leaf carrier is inserted between the two, and the die presses down through it. The dry paint or foil used is impressed into the surface of the product. The dye-stamping process itself is non-polluting because the materials involved are dry.

Tools Used in Hot Stamping

Among the commonly used tools in hot stamping are dies and foil. Dies may be made of metal or silicone rubber, and they may be shaped directly or cast . They can carry high levels of detail to be transferred to the surface and may be shaped to accommodate irregularities in the surface.

Foils are multilayered coatings that transfer to the surface of the product. Non-metallic foils consist of an adherence base, a color layer, and a release layer. Metallic foils replace the color layer with a layer of chrome or vacuum-metallized aluminum. Metallic foil construction has a metal-like sheen and is available in different metal shades such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Pigment foil does not have a metallic sheen but may be glossy or matte. Holographic foil paper includes a 3-dimensional image to provide a distinctive appearance to specific areas of a digitally printed application.

Different hot stamping machines serve different purposes, but the most common hot stamping machines are simple up-and-down presses.

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