Milling Machines and Process Review

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Milling Machines and Process Review

Milling machines / process is used in a variety of industrial applications and wherever the complex shaping, removing large amounts of material, and accuracy is required. In general, milling machines are used to produce planar surfaces, cutouts, and slot or hole features. Contoured surfaces, which include rack and circular gears, spheres, helical, ratchets, sprockets, cams, and other shapes can be readily cut with CNC mill machines.

The cost of milling machine / process can be modest if general tooling, equipment is employed. Milling can accommodate an array of standard support blocks, work clamps, and other work piece holding fixtures. Therefore, milling operations can be facilitated with minimal fixture and equipment investment. Milling is a major part or any tool and die work, prototyping, and other low volume manufacturing.

Mass production, special purpose milling machines are available, These type machines are typically used to combine milling operations with boring, drilling, tapping, and other operations. CNC milling machines may include index tables, transfer equipment with one or more machines.

There are many types of milling machines employed in industry. The three major categories of milling machines are:

  • Column and Knee Machines
  • Bed Type Milling Machines
  • Special Purpose Machines.
Knee Type Milling Machine
Vertical-Spindle Ccolumn Horizontal Spindle Column


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