Spiral Duct Machine Review

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Spiral Duct Machine Review

Spiral Duct Machines, also called Spiral Tube Machines are utilized as manufacturing systems for producing rigid spiral metal pipes. Automated spiral duct machines are used in the mass production of custom and standard size spiral pipes, are employed in large industrial organizations as well as custom and small job-shop organizations.

Many spiral duct machines have integrated CNC controls to manufacture custom diameters and lengths from preprogrammed g-code. Some machines utilize special interchangeable dies and feed mechanism's that define the as-manufactured duct diameter and shape. Shapes that can be manufactured are: square, rectangle, round, oval, conical and any combination with a capable machine.

Spiral ducts are made from a variety of materials, that include aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and other. Material thickness and duct size capabilities are machine specific and should be noted within the spiral duct machine procurement specifications. Special dies and machines can create complex shapes and geometries as well. These include, elbows, tees, corrugated geometries, end duct end interface geometries. Machine options and capabilities may allow for automated trimming to length, welding, bonding and other joining methods such as laser and spot welding.

Unlike Hydro-forming, spiral Duct Machines do not produce a liquid tight pipe or duct. Generally the as-manufactured product is utilized to move a gaseous fluid and not liquid.

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