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Rectangular Plate Uniform Load Simply Supported Equations and Calculator


Rectangular plate, uniform load, simply supported (Empirical) equations and calculator

Since comers tend to rise off the supports, vertical movement must be prevented without restricting rotation.

Symbols used:
a = minor length of rectangular plate, (m, in)
b = major length of rectangular plate, (m, in)
p = uniform pressure loading, (Pa, lbs/in2)
v = Poisson’s ratio
E = Young’s modulus, (N/m2, lbs/in2)
t = plate thickness, (m, in)
s m = maximum stress, (N/m2, lbs/in2)
ym = maximum deflection, (m, in)

Circular plate, uniform load, edges clamped equation and calculator

Stress At Center

Stress At Center

Deflection at center

Deflection at center, v = 0.3

D = flexural rigidity= Et3/(12 ( 1 -v2)

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User Reviews/Comments:

By: Kelly - Jun 4, 2019
No ....the plate is simply supported along the edge associated with length "a" not "b".

By: Henk - Jun 4, 2019
Sorry, I do not understand why this formula is not symmetric for a and b. If you would exchange the values for a and b, the deflection should be the same I think?

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