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Fracture Mechanics for Structural Adhesive Bonds
Fracture mechanics methodology was developed and experimentally demonstrated for the prediction of the growth of bondline flaws in an adhesively bonded structure.
Design Engineering Notes
This is a collection of practical mechanical and design engineering notes, calculations and solutions.
Mechanical Engineers Formulas and Review Manual
Mathematics, Basic Engineering Sciences, Engineering Economics, Thermodynamics, Power and Industrial Plant Engineering Power Plant, Industrial Plant, Machine Design, Materials and Shop Practices, Engineering Materials
Local Stress-Strain Fatigue Method ( ε-N )
Although most engineering structures and machine components are designed such that the nominal stress remains elastic (Sn < σys) stress concentrations often cause plastic strains to develop in the vicinity of notches where the stress is elevated due to the stress concentration effect. Due to the constraint imposed by the elastically stresses material surrounding the notch-tip plastic zone deformation at the notch root is considered strain controlled.
Mechanical Engineering - Designing a Futuristic World and a Brighter Future
As a field of science mechanical engineering is concerned with many different facets of designing and manufacturing of mechanical equipments and tools to be used in various kinds of industries.

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