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Geneva Mechanism Design Equations

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Geneva Mechanism Design Equation and Calculator

The Geneva Mechanism or Maltese cross is a gear mechanism that translates a continuous rotation movement into intermittent rotary motion.

The rotating drive wheel is usually equipped with a pin that reaches into a slot located in the other wheel ( driven wheel ) that advances it by one step at a time. The main wheel also has an elevated circular blocking disc that "locks" the rotating driven wheel in position between steps.


Geneva Mechanism Animation

Geneva Mechanism External Design Equations

Geneva Mechanism

Geneva Mechanism

Kinematics of the External Geneva Drive. Assumed or given: a, n, d, and p.

a = crank radius of driving member
m = 1 / ( sin (180/n) )

n = number of slots in drive
d = roller diameter
p = constant velocity of driving crank, rpm
b = center distance = am

D = diameter of driven Geneva wheel

diameter of driven Geneva wheel

ω = constant angular velocity of driving crank = pπ/30 rad/sec
α = angular position of driving crank at any time (degrees)
β = angular displacement of driven member corresponding to crank angle α.

angular displacement of driven member corresponding

Angular Velocity

Angular Accerleration

Maximum acceleration

Max velocity


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