DC Direct Current Compound Motor Review

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DC Direct Current Compound Motor Review

DC compound motors are desirable for a variety of applications because it combines the characteristics of a series-wound motor and a shunt-wound motor. The DC compound motor has a greater torque than a shunt motor due to the series field; however, it has a fairly constant speed due to the shunt field winding. Loads such as presses, shears, and reciprocating machines are often driven by compounded motors.

A compound DC motor connects the armature and fields windings in a shunt and a series combination to give it characteristics of both a shunt and a series DC motor. This motor is used when both a high starting torque and good speed regulation is needed. The motor can be connected in two arrangements: cumulatively or differentially. Cumulative compound motors connect the series field to aid the shunt field, which provides higher starting torque but less speed regulation. Differential compound DC motors have good speed regulation and are typically operated at constant speed.

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