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Bearings and Lubrication Application Generators

Application bearings and lubrication used on generators - Several types of bearings, each with specific lubrication requirements, are used on the generators. Usually, a generator has two bearings, one to support each end of the armature shaft. On some generators, one end of the shaft is supported by the coupling to the prime mover and one bearing is used at the other end. The selections of bearing type and lubrication are based on generator size, type of coupling to prime mover, and expected usage. A generator is usually equipped with either sleeve or ball bearings which are mounted in end shields attached to the generator frame.

Sleeve bearings are usually bronze and are lubricated with oil. Most unit s with sleeve-type bearings have a reservoir for the oil and a sight gauge to verify oil level. Bearings and the reservoir are fully enclosed. Distribution of oil to shaft and bearings from the reservoir is by an oil-slinger ring mounted on the generator shaft. Rotation of the slinger ring throws the oil to the top of the bearing. Holes in the bearing admit oil for lubrication. Some units with sleeve-type bearings have an absorbent fiber packing, saturated with oil, which surrounds the bearing. Holes in the bearing admit oil for lubrication.

Ball bearings (or roller-type bearings) are fully enclosed and lubricated with grease. Most units with ball or roller-type bearings are equipped with a fitting at each bearing to apply fresh grease. Old grease is emitted from a hoie (normally closed by a plug or screw) in the bearing enclosure. Some units are equipped with prepacked, lifetime lubricated bearings.

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