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Misc. videos to amuse, amaze, and maybe make you laugh and share.

Willys Jeep Promotion Film
Willys, the “World’s Largest Manufacturer of Utility Vehicles,” presents the “Jeep Family of 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles and Special Equipment,” a circa 1954 black-and-white film promoting Jeeps produced for civilian use.
How long will it take?
Project Manager: How many days the project will take?
Almost Worthless Engineering
Almost Worthless Engineering Motion Models This video shows ten mechanical machines of minimal value other than they interesting to watch in motion. Enjoy!
Strongest Magnet in the World Video
World's strongest magnet is 500,000 times stronger than Earth's magnetic field.
Rough Day at Sea
Rough day at sea abord a floating oil exploration platform in the North Sea.. Imagine trying to sleep on that rig!

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