Technical, Engineering or Design Support

In general - Engineers Edge staff does not provide engineering or technical email/phone support and consultation except as follows:

  • Individuals that have attended an Engineers Edge training class.
  • Individuals that have attended an Engineers Edge seminar.
  • Organizations that have consulting agreements with Engineers Edge.

Engineers Edge receives more than 2 million (2,000,000 +) monthly visitors and cannot provide FREE on-demand technical or engineering assistance for our web site content or other..

Technical errors on our web site and all that stuff:

If you identify an error on Engineers Edge and would like let us know you can use our feedback form (see below) to let us know.

When providing feedback on errors, etc. please do the following:

First, check Engineers Edge references if provided on the web page for clarity or as required.

After checking any provided references:

  1. Access our feedback form Feedback
  2. Identify the exact web page in question by url address.
  3. Specify the exact error or challenge.
  4. Specify the corrections as required.
  5. Provide a photo copy or equivalent of the reference material. References are required...
  6. Proofs can be submitted.

Engineers Edge Disclaimer - Disclamer

For general technical questions or consultation, please visit, register and participate within our Engineering Forum.

You want to contribute and an article, proof, technical brief, disertation, or other.. (getting credit of course). See: Publishing Program

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