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Stress Anlaysis of Cracks

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Stress Anlaysis of Cracks

This work was supported by a grant from The National Aeronautics and Space Administration; NsG 410, and presents results in part from earlier grants by The Boeing Company and The National Science Foundation t o the Lehigh Institute of Research.

A general survey of the results of elastic stress analyses of cracked bodies is the basic objective of this work. The stress - intensity - factor method of representing results is stressed and compared with other similar methods. All three modes of crack surface displacements are considered, as well as specialized results applicable to plate and shell bending, Results for various media (e,g, anisotropic , viscoelastic or non-homogeneous) are contrasted with the analysis of homogeneous isotropic media, The accuracy of the representation of the crack tip stress fields by stress - intensity - factor method is discussed pointing out some limitations of applicability Methods of estimating and approximate analysis for stress - intensity - factors in complicated practical circumstances are also discussed.

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Crack Tip Stress Fields for Isotropic
  • Elastic Bodies
  • Elementary Dimensional Considerations for Stress - Intensity-Factors from Westergaard
  • Determination of Stress Intensity Factors
  • Stress Functions
  • Stress-Intensity-Factors from General
  • Complex Stress Functions
  • Stress-Intensity-Factors for Some Three-Dimensional Cases
  • Edge Cracks in Semi-Infinite Bodies
  • Two-Dimensional Problems of Plate Strips with Transverse Cracks
  • Reinforced Plane Sheets
  • Thermal Stresses
  • Stress-Intensity-Factors for the Bending of Plates and Shells
  • Couple Stress Problems with Cracks
  • Estimation of Stress Intensity Factors for some Cases of Practical Interest
  • Stress Fields and Intensity Factors f o r Homogeneous Anisotropic Media
  • Cracks in Linear Visco-Elastic Media
  • Some Special Cases of Non-Homogeneous Media with Cracks
  • Inertia Effects on the Stress Field of a Moving Crack
  • Energy Rate Analysis of Crack Extension
  • The Equivalence of Energy Rate and Stress- Intensity-Factor Approaches
  • Other Equivalent Methods of Stress Analysis of Cracks and Notches
  • Limitations of Crack Tip Stress Field Analyses
  • Acknowledgement
  • References
  • Table of Notation
  • Figures
    Appendix I - The Westergaard Method of Stress
    Analysis of Cracks
    Appendix I1 - A Handbook of Basic Solutions for Stress - Intensity - Factors and other Formulas
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