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Feature Based Concurrent Engineering System

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Feature Based Concurrent Engineering System
Dr. Chin-Sheng Chen
Industrial & Systems Engineering Department
Florida International University
299 pages

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Open: Feature Based Concurrent Engineering System

Development of a Feature-Based Concurrent Engineering System.

This research project is aimed at development of a concurrent engineering system for integrated product and process development of machined component designs. Its main purpose is to evaluate the feasibility of implementation of a concurrent engineering system which provides both horizontal and vertical integration of CAD/CAM systems. The research and development of this project has been founded on concepts of form features and object-oriented computer techniques. The R&D tasks identified in the research project are:

  1. feature definition and classification,
  2. product data representation,
  3. product information modeling,
  4. manufacturing resources modeling,
  5. producibility evaluation,
  6. manufacturing process planning, and
  7. NC program modeling. Throughout the entire project period, industrial practice and standards have been closely observed and incorporated in the development, when applicable.


Summary . i
1. System Overview . 1
2. Form Features. 4
3. Manufacturing Resources Data . 6
4. Product Modeling . .. 7
5. Producibility Evaluation. 9
6. Process Planning. 10
7. NC Program Modeling. 11
8. Implementation. 12
9. Industrial Collaboration . 22
10. Conclusion. 23
Appendix A: Feature definition and classification.Al-16
Appendix B; Manufacturing resources classification.Bl-14
Appendix C: Product modeler.Cl-28
Appendix D: Producibility evaluator.Dl-75
Appendix E: Process planner.El-52
Appendix F: NC program modeler.Fl-13
Appendix G: Implementation summary.Gl-47
Appendix H: List of related papers. Hl-01

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