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Engineering Management

Project Management Primer
Many Projects fail because of the simplest of causes. You don't have to be a genius to deliver a project in time, nor do you have to be steeped a mystical project management methology to be a project manager.
Supply Chain Simulation , A System Dynamics Approach for Improving Performance
A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the following functions; the procurement of materials, transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products; distribution of these finished products to customers. Supply chain management is a strategy through which the integration of these different functions can be achieved (Shapiro 2000).
Supply Chain Design : A Conceptual Model and Tactical Simulations
In current research literature, supply chain management (SCM) is a hot topic breaching the boundaries of many academic disciplines. SCM-related work can be found in the relevant literature for many disciplines. Supply chain management can be defined as effectively and efficiently managing the flows (information, financial and physical) in all stages of the supply chain to add value to end customers and gain profit for all firms in the chain. Supply chains involve multiple partners with the common goal to satisfy customer demand at a profit.
Project Management Made Easy
Is it possible to do good work, succeed, and enjoy the process? I've found that owning or working for a small business can be challenging, rewarding, and fun all at once. It isn't always-and when the stuff hits the fan, the fun is the first thing to go. But if we learn how to get organized and stay on top of things, it can be an exciting ride with big rewards along the way and at the end.
Measuring Requirements for Engineering Success
Requirements engineering (RE) consists of activities in capturing requirements, deciding about the system to design and managing system specification. Different characteristics of projects, combined with the informality of the real world, make it impossible to prescribe the one universal RE process.

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