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Measuring Requirements for Engineering Success

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Measuring Requirements for Engineering Success

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Open: Measuring Requirements for Engineering Success

Requirements engineering (RE) consists of activities in capturing requirements, deciding about the system to design and managing system specification. Different characteristics of projects, combined with the informality of the real world, make it impossible to prescribe the one universal RE process. Trial-and-error has been noted to be the natural way in finding the right RE process for organizations. However, blindly searching for the right process would not be considered efficient in today’s business settings. Systematic evaluation process must be established to ensure that we understand benefits and drawbacks of each method.


  • Organization Background
  • Introduction
  • Indicators of Success
  • Dimension of success
  • Following Good Practices
  • Good Practice Guidelines
  • Key Activity in Maturity Model
  • Capability of the RE Staff
  • Quantifying Indicators of Success
  • Goal-Question-Metrics
  • Subjective Evaluation
  • Likert Items Questionnaire
  • Evaluation Dimensions
  • Frequency of Practice Scale
  • Refine the questions
  • Consolidating Results
  • Normalizing
  • Index Score
  • Business Goal Alignment
  • Putting it all together
  • Requirements Engineering Measurement Program
  • Phase 1: Exploration and Planning
  • Phase 2: Establishing Business Goals
  • Identify Goals
  • Refine Goals
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators
  • Phase 3: Defining Measurement Data
  • Identify the indicators
  • Identify the Measures
  • Phase 4: Defining the Data Collection and Analysis Process
  • Define Measuring Process
  • Score Calculation
  • Define Reporting Process
  • Suggested Improvements
  • Conclusion