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Jigs and Fixtures Handbook, Second Edition

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Jigs and Fixtures Handbook, Second Edition
P.H. Joshi
Foreword and Edited by:
Robert 0. Parmley, P.E.
Production Engineering Services
Pune, India
248 Pages

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Covers clamping devices, welding fixtures, drilling jigs, milling fixtures, inspection devices, and more.
* Includes shop setup techniques and cost estimating.
* Discusses the basic principles of tool design

"Written for designers, machinists, and manufacturing engineers, this information-dense, quick-reference guide bridges the gap between academic theory and industrial practice and delivers: detailed advice on how to choose the best jig or fixture to achieve a specific result; thorough discussion of the basic principles of tool design; practical tips for shop setup; rules of thumb for estimating procedures; guidelines

1.1 Production Devices
1.2 Inspection Devices
1.3 Materials Used in Jigs and Fixtures
1.4 Presentation of Workpiece

2.1 Principles
2.2 Locating Methods
2.3 Summary

3.1 Principles of Clamping
3.2 Types of Clamps
3.3 Compensating Differential Clamps
3.4 Summary

Indexing Devices
4.1 Linear Indexing
4.2 Precision Linear Indexing
4.3 Rotary Indexing

Drilling Jigs
5.1 Drill Bushes
5.2 Press Fit Bushes
5.3 Various Types of Jigs
5.4 Summary

Milling Fixtures
6.1 Types of Milling Machines
6.2 Types of Cutter
6.3 Direction of Feed
6.4 Essentials of Milling Fixtures
6.5 Special Vice Jaws
6.6 Facing Fixtures
6.7 Slotting Fixtures
6.8 Summary

Turing Fixtures
7.1 Standard Chucks
7.2 Spring Collets
7.3 Cylindrical Liners
7.4 Mandrels
7.5 Turning Fixtures
7.6 Summary

Grinding Fixtures
8.1 Surface Grinding
8.2 Cylindrical Grinding

Broaching Fixtures

9.1 Key-way Broaching
9.2 External Surface Broaching

Welding and Assembly Fixtures
10.1 Pressing Fixtures

Inspection Devices
11.1 Tooling for NC Machines
11.2 Modular Jigs and Fixtures

Shop Setups
12.1 Standard Gauges
12.2 Special Gauges
12.3 Receiver Gauges
12.4 Workpiece Marking and Setting Gauges
12.5 Materials and Wear Allowance

14.1 Material Costs
14.2 Machining Costs
14.3 Heat Treatment Expenses
14.4 Assembling and Try-out Costs

15.1 Process Planning
15.2 Workpieces for Practice

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