Beam Deflection and Stress Equations Calculator for Cantilevered Beam with One Load Applied at End

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Structural Beam Deflection, Stress Equations and calculator for a Cantilevered Beam with One Load Applied at End.

Beam Stress Cantilevered Beam One Load Applied at End Calculator

Beam Stress at specific point

Beam Stress at the support (must be constant cross section)

Beam Deflection at specified point

Beam Deflection at the unsupported end


E =  Modulus of Elasticity psi


I = Moment of Inertia in4 (mm4)
W =  Load lbs (N)
s =  Stress at the cross-section being evaluated lbs/in2 (N/mm2)
y = Beam Deflection inches (mm)
Some distance as indicated inches (mm)
x = Some distance as indicated inches (mm)
Z =
section modulus of the cross-section of the beam = I/z in3 (mm3)
z =
distance from neutral axis to extreme fiber (edge) inches (mm)
  • Please note letter "" (lower case "L") is different than "I" (Moment of Inertia).
  • Deflections apply only to constant cross sections along entire length.


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