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Hydraulic Turbine Power Formulae and Calculator

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Hydraulic Turbine Actual Power Formula and Calculator

The actual power of a hydraulic turbine is the theoretical power Pt multiplied by the turbine efficiency e.

Equation 1
P = e Pt = ( e · H · Q · w ) / 550

In the power equation above, power is calculated in horsepower. In the following text, when power P is used in stated equations, it is in horsepower.

Power in Metric Units

Equation 2
P = e Pt = ( e · H · Q · w · 0.746 ) / 101.93

The metric equation stated above for power calculates power in kilowatts. In the following text, where power P is used in metric equations (shown in parentheses), the power stated in the equations is in kilowatts. [The customary unit of horsepower in the United States should not be confused with the term metric horsepower.


P = horsepower, HP (kW)
e = overall efficiency of turbine = ehem
H = net effective head, ft (m)
w = weight of water lb/ft3 (kg/m3)
Q = discharge, ft3/s (m3/s)

Standard weight of water: 62.4 lb/ft3, ( 28.8622 kg/m3 )



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