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    GPS Coordinate Conversion Calculator
    The UTM system divides the Earth into 60 zones, each 6deg of longitude in width. Zone 1 covers longitude 180deg to 174deg W
    Mechanism Creator and Editor Online Application
    his online application can be used to explore and develop mechanisms. It is recommended that you thoroughly read the instruction on use given below
    Total Head Pressure Velocity Equations and Calculator
    Liquid flowing in a conduit can undergo changes in energy form. Bernoulli’s theorem for an incompressible liquid states that in steady flow, without losses, the energy at any point in the conduit is the sum of the velocity head, pressure head, and elevation head and that this sum is constant along a streamline in the conduit.
    Sealing Flanges with Gaskets Bolt Torque Requirements Calculator
    Bolt Torque Required for Sealing Flanges with Gaskets and Internal Pressure
    Stepped Labyrinth Seal Equation and Calculator
    Stepped Labyrinth Seal using Zimmermann and Wolff Equation and Calculator. A step can be incorporated into a labyrinth seal design to prevent carryover of kinetic energy from occurring.
    Straight Labyrinth Seal Flow Equation and Calculator
    Straight Labyrinth Seal using Martin’s Equation and Calculator. Martin's equation is used for compressible flow with straight-through seals.
    Roller Chain Drive Design Calculator and Equations
    Chain design is based on ensuring that the power transmission capacity is within limits for three modes of failure: fatigue, impact, and galling. Chains are designed so that the maximum tensile stress is below the fatigue endurance limit for the finite life of the material.
    Flat Belt Drive Design Calculator and Equations
    Flat belts have high strength, can be used for large speed ratios (>8:1), have a low pulley cost, produce low noise levels, and are good at absorbing torsional vibration.
    Rotating Shaft Design Combined Loading Formulae and Calculator
    Design of Rotating Shafts under Combined Loading Calculator. ASME Design Code for the design of Transmission Shafting
    Floating Bearing Shaft Length Design and Calculator
    Bearing installation considerations include the bearing combination, the mounting of the bearings, shaft length increase in length due to temperature changes, and the provision of lubrication.
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