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The angstrom is a unit of length equal to 10−10 m (one ten-billionth of a meter or 0.1 nm.

The natural sciences and technology often use angstrom to express sizes of atoms, molecules, microscopic biological structures, and lengths of chemical bonds, arrangement of atoms in crystals, wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, and dimensions of integrated circuit parts. Atoms of phosphorus, sulfur, and chlorine are 1 Å in covalent radius, while a hydrogen atom is 0.25 Å.

The following is an Angstrom conversion calculator.

Angstroms Conversions
Conversion Value Unit Name Conversion Factor
Angstroms to Angstroms
Angstroms to Astronomical units
Angstroms to Cables
Angstroms to Centimeters
Angstroms to Cubits (England)
Angstroms to Fathoms
Angstroms to Feet
Angstroms to Furlongs
Angstroms to Hands
Angstroms to Inches
Angstroms to Kilometers
Angstroms to Light years
Angstroms to Meters
Angstroms to Microns
Angstroms to Miles (Nautical)
Angstroms to Miles (Statute)
Angstroms to Millimeters
Angstroms to Points (printing)
Angstroms to Rods
Angstroms to Spans
Angstroms to Yards

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