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Weld Branch ASME B31.3 Excel Calculator Spreadsheet

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Weld Branch ASME B31.3 Excel Calculator Spreadsheet

These calculations are performed according to the paper "Power Test Code Thermometer Wells" by J. W. Murdock, and also meet the requirements of ASME PTC 19.3-1998. The program supplies results which should only be used as a guide for thermowell design.

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  • The calculation for Reinforcement of Welded Branch Connections has been carried out based on ASME B31.3 paragraph 304.3.3.
  • This Branching Table has been calculated for Header-to-Branch Angle of 90° Beta Angle only.
  • Calculated Available Area is inclusive of the Area Available in the fillet weld of minimum size, as defined in ASME B31.3 paragraph 328.5.4.

1. The Run or Header Pipe Diameter-to-Thickness Ratio (Dh/Th) shall be less than 100.
2. For Run or Header Pipe with the Ratio (Dh/Th) greater than or equal to 100, the Branch Pipe
Diameter (Db) shall be less than on-half (1/2) the Run or Header Pipe Diameter (Dh).
3. The Branch-to-Run Pipe Diameter Ratio (Db/Dh) shall NOT be greater than 1.0.
4. The Smaller Angle between the axes of Branch and Run shall be at least 45°.
5. The axis of the Branch intersects the axis of the Run.

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