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Enable Excel Macro Instructions


  • Refunds are not awarded after excel files have been downloaded - review your membership agreement for details.
  • This excel spreadsheet may contain macros which will need to be enabled in your excel application, see web page: Enable macros in Downloaded excel files
  • Units utilized within calculators are either SI or Imperial (some enable both SI and Imperial) and member (you) are responsible for conversions. Ensure that you verify units utilized in excel application meet your requirements before downloading.

MS excel documents downloaded from the internet may include macros which will need to be enabled in your excel application.

The following is a method to enable macros in your excel application. Should this method not work, search the internet for alternative methods

Go to the file location of the Excel file.

Right-click and select Properties.

Macro enable 1

Select the Unblock checkbox at the bottom of the General tab in Properties, then select OK .

Macro enable 2