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Sprocket Center Distance Equation and Calculator

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Sprocket Center Distance for a Roller Chain of known Length Equation and Calculator:

Sprocket Centers

When the distance between the driving and driven sprockets can be varied to suit the length of the chain, this center distance for a tight chain may be determined by the following calculator and formula,

Roller Chain  Center Line Equation

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c = Center-to-center distance in inches;
L = Chain length in pitches;
P = Pitch of chain;
N = Number of teeth in large sprocket;
n = Number of teeth in small sprocket.

This equation is approximate, but the error is less than the variation in the length of the best chains. The length L in pitches should be an even number for a roller chain, so that the use of an offset connecting link will not be necessary.

Calculator Preview:

Sprocket to Sprocket Preview