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Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients in Heat Exchangers

Heat Transfer Engineering
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Representative values of the overall heat transfer coefficients in heat exchangers.

Note that the overall heat transfer coefficient ranges from about 10 W/m2· °C for gas-to-gas heat exchangers to about 10,000 W/m2· °C for heat exchangers that involve phase changes. This is very typical since gases have very low thermal conductivities, and phase-change processes involve very high heat transfer coefficients.

Type of heat exchanger U, W/m2 · °C*
Water-to-water 850–1700
Water-to-oil 100–350
Water-to-gasoline or kerosene 300–1000
Feedwater heaters 1000–8500
Steam-to-light fuel oil 200–400
Steam-to-heavy fuel oil 50–200
Steam condenser 1000–6000
condenser (water cooled) 300–1000
Ammonia condenser (water cooled) 800–1400
Alcohol condensers (water cooled) 250–700
Gas-to-gas 10–40
Water-to-air in finned tubes (water in tubes) 30–60†
Steam-to-air in finned tubes (steam in tubes) 30–300†

* Multiply the listed values by 0.176 to convert them to Btu/h · ft2 · °F.
† Based on air-side surface area.
‡ Based on water- or steam-side surface area.