Tensile Thread Stress Area Equation and Calculator - 180 Ultimate Tensile Strength ksi and More

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This calculator calculates the tensile stress area of a external screw thread of a fastener. Use this calculator for materials over 180,000 psi ultimate tensile strength.

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This calculator will calculate the unknown for the given conditions. Two (2) inputs are required, See the application illustration at bottom of page.

Thread Stress Area


At = Tensile Strength Area of Screw Thread.
Esmin = MinimumPitch Diameter of External Thread - Thread Engineering Data Chart
n = Number of threads per inch

This equation is a more conservative extimation of actual thread stress area as opposed to the equation for Tensile Thread Stress Area 100 ksi and Less.

Bolt thread representation

Example; For a 1/2 - 13 UNC - 2A, see Thread Engineering Data Chart for minimum pitch diameter data.

Esmin = .4435
n = 13

At = 3.1416 (.4435/2 - 0.16238/13)2
At = .13757 = (Thread Stress Area)


Machinerys Handbook, 30th Edition