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Cost of Welding Equations and Calculators

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Estimating the Cost of Welding Equations and Calculators

The following Calculators and equation will determine the costs associated with welding. All of the following calculators will determine the costs associated with applying a weld bead/fillet by wire welding equipment methods. SMAW, or "Stick" consumable welding requires a different calculator.

Weld Cost per End Item Unit Calculator and Equation:

The cost per unit method is most effective when the application involves pieces that move through a workstation. The types and sizes of the welds are immaterial with this method — fillet welds, groove welds, plug welds, etc., can all be combined when the cost per unit is determined, since time (the most costly aspect of welding) is measured directly .

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Welding Cost Per Length Method Calculator and Equation:

This method, appropriate for estimating the cost of long welds, is best applied to single pass welds of a specified size. The values determined by this method will differ for welds of different sizes.

Cost Per Weight Method Calculator Equation:

Calculating the cost per weight is the easiest cost estimating method, regardless of the welding process. Probably for that reason, it is overused and misapplied. It is best used in applications in which significant volumes of weld metal must be deposited, such as multipass applications

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