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Stud Projection Tolerance Boundary Formulae and Calculator

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Stud Projection Tolerance Boundary Analysis Feature of Size Offset Equation and Calculator.

Notes: Projection within block material is fixed, Diameter D1 is typically MMC size.

Stud Projection Tolerance Analysis Feature of Size Offset Equation and Calculator

Preview: Stud Projection Tolerance Boundary Analysis

OT / L2 = T2 / L1


OT = ( T2 / L1 ) L2

A° = atan ( T2 / L1)

OB = T2 ( 1 + ( 2 L2) / L1 ) + D1


D1 = Diameter of stud, shaft, projection (in, mm),
D2 = Diameter or width of projection (in, mm),
T1 = Size tolerance (in, mm),
T2 = Position tolerance for threaded feature/press fit (in, mm),
L1 = Threaded or interface length in material (in, mm),
L2 = Projected length in material (in, mm),
OT = Center line offset at worst case position tolerance (in, mm),
A° = Angle (deg.)
OB = Outer boundary / Actual mating envelope (in, mm)

Note: Keep units consistant in within, mm with mm.

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