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Torque Force Design Equations

See Torque Force Design Equations webpage and torque chart page for recommended fastener torque and equation data. This calculator uses a practical starting point for all threaded fastener tightening analysis and uses the basic elastic torque-tension equation.

This fastener bolt torque calculator will Estimate the unknown torque, diameter, axial force applied and coefficient of turning friction for the given conditions. Minimum three (3) inputs are required then select "Find" button to get unknown

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1) Enter known number values (two inputs minimum) within center located input boxes.

2) Select associated lower button to calculate unknown value.

3) This calculator may be used with any consistent units, e.g. torque = ft-lbs with ft, in-lbs with inches, N-mm with mm. Force is calculated consistent with units used.

Note: This calculator initially assumes dry and perfect threads made from steel and/or zinc plated. Calculated values are approximate. Calculated values do not compensate for materials stiffness.

Bolt Torque Force Design Equations

Torque Applied
(N-mm, in-lbs)


Coefficient of Friction
Steel 0.2
Cadmium 0.16
Lubricated 0.16 - 0.17

Axial Bolt "Clamp" Force
(N, lbs)



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