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"EssentialTech" all-terrain medical technology for developing countries
EPFL is launching "EssentialTech," a unique program in which engineers will in particular produce medical devices custom-designed for the difficult conditions encountered in developing countries.
CSIRO's 3D printing facility prints titanium tags
CSIRO scientists are using 3D printing to build a new generation of hi-tech fish tags made of titanium. The aim is to use the tags to track big fish such as marlin, tuna, swordfish, trevally and sharks for longer periods.
Quality control at the point of a finger
For production operations, quality assurance over the process chain is indispensible: it is the only way to detect problems at an early stage and lower additional costs.
Surgical tool handles with integrated feedback sensors
Surgeons must operate with absolute precision; the handling of surgical tools requires the utmost sensitivity. A new kind of instrument handle will soon be supporting physicians in the OR. Fraunhofer researchers will present the first prototype at the 2013 Medtec trade show in Stuttgart from 26 to 28 February.
Computer tablet application that could rapidly assess patient
Doctors routinely track their patients' hand-eye coordination to monitor any neuromuscular deficits, particularly as patients age or when they are injured -- but the tests they have been using to track this kind of information may be subjective and qualitative.
Optimized and custom-made ski sledges
At the 2014 Winter Paralympics, competitors will line up wearing optimized sit skis that are adapted to their individual needs. This is made possible by a new manufacturing method which Fraunhofer researchers helped to develop.
Quantum Microscope for Living Biology
A team of Australian scientists has developed a powerful microscope using the laws of quantum mechanics to probe the inner workings of living cells.
Story Tips From the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory February 2013
HEALTH - Neutron imaging breast cancer, MATERIALS - Grand-scale graphene, CLIMATE - Adapting to change, TECH TRANSFER - Bridging the Gap event
Schematics for future weapons to be rendered in 3-D
If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a 3-D picture worth?
3D microchip created
New type of microchip created which not only moves information from left to right and back to front, but up and down as well

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