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    Common Thermocouple Specifications
    Common Thermocouple Temperature Ranges and Tolerance of Operation - A thermocouple (TC) is a thermoelectric device used to accurately measure temperatures. It may be connected to a simple temperature reading device, or connected to a hot bonder, oven, or other type of controller
    Pressure Tube Anemometer Measurement Equation
    The tube anemometer which uses the air flow pressure to measure the velocity. This works on the principle that, the air flow passing through the tube creates pressure where as the flow across a tube results in suction.
    Electronic Circuit Modeler and Simulator
    Electronic Circuit Modeler and Simulator. This electronics circuit simulator is very helpful for experimentation and visualization of functional circuit.
    Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Design Handbook
    The purpose of this handbook is to assemble information pertinent to the establishment of a condition of electromagnetic compatibility for any equipment or system, with itself, and with the environment in which it is to be placed when performing its designated function, and to define procedures to assure that an optimum design is obtained.
    Solar Cell Radiation Handbook
    The purpose of this document is to detail a method of predicting the degradation of a solar array in a space radiation environment. The text contains a discussion of solar cell technology which emphasizes the cell parameters which degrade in a radiation environment.
    Working Distances Arc-Flash Calculations per. IEEE 1584-2018
    Typical Working Distances For Arc-Flash Calculations per. IEEE 1584-2018
    IEEE 1584-2018 Electrical Bus Gaps Typical by Enclosure Size
    This table relates voltage class, gaps, and enclosure sizes per IEEE 1584-2018. The enclosure sizes can be used to derive the enclosure size, incident energy correction factor.
    IEEE 1584-2018 Arc Flash Procedure Equations and Calculations
    Arc Flash Hazard Calculations Procedure and Considerations For Medium Voltage System.
    IEEE 1584-2018 Electrode Configuration in Equipment
    The equipment conductor and enclosure arrangement that most closely resembles the actual electrode configuration(s) must be identified to complete Arc Flash Design Calculations.
    Principles of Electric Circuits
    A complete and straightforward coverage of the basics of electrical components and circuits. Fundamental circuit laws and analysis methods are explained and applied in a variety of basic circuits.
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