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BS EN ISO 4034 Hexagon nuts style 1 – product grade C

BS EN ISO 4034 Hexagon nuts style 1 – product grade C Example for the designation of a hexagon nut with thread size d = M12 andproperty class 5: Hexagon nut ISO 4034 – M12 – 5

BS EN ISO 4033 Hexagon nuts style 2

BS EN ISO 4033 Hexagon nuts style 2 – product grades A and B Example for the designation of a hexagon nut with metric thread size d = M12 and property class 9: Hexagon nut ISO 4033 – M12 – 9

BS EN ISO 4032 Hexagon nuts style 1 – product grades A and B

Example for the designation of a hexagon nut, style 1, with thread size d  M12 and property class 8: Hexagon nut ISO 4032 – M12 – 8

MOSFET Spice Parameters Spreadsheet Calculator

This spreadsheet calculates nmos or pmos level one, three and BSIM3 SPICE parameters from details known about the process parameters, device layout and fabrication history. Level one spice parameters assume mobility is a function of total impurity concentration and temperature only.

NCP1351 Inductor Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

The NCP1351 is a current-mode controller targeting low power off-line flyback Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) where cost is of utmost importance. Based on a fixed peak current technique (quasi-fixed TON), the controller decreases its switching frequency as the load becomes lighter.

NCP1027 Design Tool Brownout Calculator Spreadsheet

This calculator lets you calculate the upper and lower resistor values to have the controller operating within a certain input voltage range.

NCP1562 Design Tool Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

The NCP1562x is a family of voltage mode controllers designed for dc-dc converters requiring high efficiency and low parts count.

NCP3063 Design Spreadsheet Calculator Excel

The NCP3063 Series is a higher frequency upgrade to the popular MC34063A and MC33063A monolithic DC−DC converters.

NCP3163 Design Calculators Spreadsheet

The NCP3163 Series is a performance enhancement to the popular MC33163 and MC34163 monolithic DC−DC converters. These devices consist of an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator, controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit, driver and high current output switch.

NCP102 Design Spreadsheet Calculator Excel

This spreadsheet calculates both system and component data for use with the NCP102 in a voltage regulator configuration.

What's New!

NCV8876 Design Tool Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

NCV8876 design tool - this tool is intended to assist the user when designing with the NCV8876 for continuous conduction mode boost applications. It is intended to provide first pass values and does not replace simulation and prototyping.

NCP5252 Circuit Design Aid Calculator Excel Spread Sheet Calculator

The NCP5252 is a fast-transient-response and high-efficiency single-phase buck regulator with built-in MOSFETs. This Excel spreadsheet is a design aid for applications with the NCP5252.

NUD4001 LED Design Tool

The NUD4001 from ON Semiconductor is a low cost versatile LED driver. The device allows the user to set the current with an external resistor and it is capable of delivering currents of up to 500 mA in a SO8 package.

Available Fault Current Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

The Available Fault Current, prospective short-circuit current (PSCC), or short-circuit making current is the highest electric current which can exist in a particular electrical system under short-circuit conditions.

Fire Alarm Notification Appliance Circuit Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

A fire alarm notification appliance is an active fire protection component of a fire alarm system. A notification appliance may use audible, visible, or other stimuli to alert the occupants of a fire or other emergency condition requiring action.

Volts to dBm

Volts to dBm Equation, Calculator and Table

Geometrical Boundaries II , Interpretation and Application ISO - 2012

Geometrical Tolerancing is an engineering drawing language used to communicate the physical limit Requirements of a product object in two or three dimensional space. The G&T standard defines a collection of symbols and specific rules for defining specific characteristics, relationships, and feature controls. The latest international standard on the subject of G&T defined and in practice is the International Standards Organization ISO 1101:2012, Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS).

Arc Flash Calculator per NFPA 70E Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

This Excel file combines arc flash equations from a proposal to NFPA 70E-2003 with simplified equations to calculate available fault current. This tool uses methods that have been shown to result in conservative estimates of fault current, which should result in conservative estimates of arc incident energy if appropriate arc fault clearing times are used . An IEEE 1584 equation is used to calculate arcing fault current.

NCP108x Flyback CCM Design Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet calculates both system and component data for use with the NCP108x in a continuous conduction mode, isolated and non-isolated flyback topology. Calculations are based on system specifications provided by the user.

NCP1611 Generator Frequency Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

The NCP1611 is designed to drive PFC boost stages in so-called Current Controlled Frequency Fold-back (CCFF). In this mode, the circuit classically operates in Critical conduction Mode (CrM) when the inductor current exceeds a programmable value.

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