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Jig and Fixture Design Manual

There are 15 actual cases included, ranging from the simplest drill plate to some complex and quite advanced fixtures for milling and other operations. For each category of machining operations, there is a definition of its characteristic fixture requirements and one or more typical examples. In addition, the book includes the design principles for fixtures of the most important non-machining operations, such as welding and assembly.

Viscosity of Air, Dynamic and Kinematic

The viscosity of air depends mostly on the temperature. Specific Heat of Air, Density of Air, Specific Heat of Air, Thermal Conductivity of Air, Thermal Diffusivity of Air, Dynamic Viscosity of Air, Kinematic Viscosity of Air, Prandtl Number Air

Thermal Conductivity Theory , Properties, and Applications

Thermal Conductivity Theory, Properties, and Applications

WIN SOURCE - IC Components Supplier

WIN SOURCE - electronic components distributor - ERAI & ISO certificated, specializes in common-used and obsolete electronic parts on general , test/measurement, healthcare, gaming, aerospace industry,also providing cost-effective alternative solutions. Online electronic store,offers online linecard, inventory and purchasing.

Thermal Linear Expansion of AISI 303 Stainless Steel

Thermal Linear Expansion of AISI 303 Stainless Steel

Angle Conversion Calculator and Factors

Conversion Factors and Calculator for Angles, Angle Conversion Calculator and Factors

Electric and Magnetic Quantities Units and Conversions

Electric and Magnetic Quantities Units and Conversions

Thermal Energy Quantities Units and Conversions

Energy Units and Conversions, 1 Joule (J) is the MKS unit of energy, equal to the force of one Newton acting through one meter.

Mechanical Engineering Units and Quantities

Where: Length = L Mass = M Time = T Current = Q/T Charge = Q

Electric and Magnetic Units

The esu and emu unit systems are cgs systems. esu denotes “electrostatic unit”, sometimes given prefix “stat”, e.g. statcoulomb emu denotes “electromagnetic unit”, sometimes given prefix “ab”, e.g. abcoulomb Some emu units have special names

What's New!

Decimal Multiples and Submultiples

SI prefixes used to form decimal multiples and submultiples of SI units

Aircraft Engine Design and Engineering Handbook

This text has been assembled to aid technical students in bridging the gap between the point (a) where they have a fairly complete knowledge of the fundamentals of mathematics' mechanics, and machine design and (b) the point where they are sufficiently familiar with the application of these fundamentals to the design of aircraft engines to enable them to be of value to the aircraft - engine building industry.

Helicopter Calculations and Design Vibrations and Dynamic Stability

Helicopter Calculations and Design Vibrations and Dynamic Stability

Helicopter Engineering Detail Design Handbook Part Two

This volume, Helicopter Engineering Detail Design Handbook Part Two is the second section of a three-part engineering handbook, Helicopter Engineering, in the Engineering Design Hand- book series.

Helicopter Engineering Design Handbook Part One

This volume, Preliminary Design, is Part One of a three-part Engineering Design Handbook titled Helicopter Engineering. design, Qualification Assurance, this part is intended to set forth explicit design standards for Army helicopters, to establish qualification requirements, and to provide technical guidance to helicopter designers in both the industry and within the Army.

Airplane Design Manual

This book has been written to fill what appears to the author to be a gap in aeronautical literature, an introduction to the art of airplane design, with the needs of the student, the young engineer, the draftsman and the student working on his own especially in view.

Six Sigma for Electronics Design and Manufacturing

Six Sigma for Electronics Design and Manufacturing - Six sigma is becoming more important as companies compete in a worldwide market for high-quality, low-cost products. Successful implementations of six sigma in different companies, large and small, do not follow identical scripts. The tools and methodologies of six sigma are fused with the company’s culture to create a unique and successful blend in each instance.

Wind Power Generation and Wind Power Turbine Design

Along with the fast rising energy demand in the 21st century and the growing recognition of global warming and environmental pollution, energy supply has become an integral and cross-cutting element of economies of many countries. To respond to the climate and energy challenges, more and more countries have prioritized renewable and sustainable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, geothermal, etc., as the replacements for fossil fuels.

Civil Engineering Formulas

These civil engineering formulas (2000 formulas) are also useful to design drafters, structural engineers, bridge engineers, foundation builders, field engineers, professional-engineer license examination candidates, concrete specialists, timber-structure builders, and students in a variety of civil engineering pursuits.

Maintenance Engineering Techniques

Maintenance Engineering Techniques, is to provide authoritative information requisite to the planning and implementation of effective maintenance engineering programs. A comprehensive discussion of maintenance engineering functions that must be accomplished in order to insure cost-effective acquisition, operation, and support of Army materiel is presented.

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