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Rectangular Section Bar Steel Springs

Springs Made From Rectangular Section Bar Steel Design and Calculations

Helical Extension Springs Engineering and Design

Design and Calculation for Springs Made From Circular Section Wire and Bar

Sizes for Springs

Preferred Sizes for Spring Materials, Wire, Strip, and Bars.

Aerospace Design Engineers Guide

Aerospace Design Engineers Guide, AIAA, This Design Guide provides the design engineer with reference data that can be used during the execution of systems analyses, trade studies, and detailed designs.

Complex Engineering Service Systems

Creating value in any service market depends on many key factors. These include the ability to work closely with customers, partners and suppliers; the ability to anticipate customers’ future requirements; and the ability to integrate and optimize business processes, people, tools and information to create value-added service systems and solutions.

Integrated Design Process, IDP

Increasing the qualifications of our design and building culture to promote sustainability, energy efficiency and solar optimization cannot succeed unless accompanied by the conviction that responsibility for the future is bound up with advantages for all participants – all parties must be convinced that it will be profitable.

Engineering Management Principles and Economics

Projects are one at the principal means by which we change our world. Whether the goal is to split the atom, tunnel under the English Channel, introduce Windows 7, or plan the next Olympic Games in London, the means through which to achieve these challenges remains the same: project management.

Wind Energy Fundamentals

Wind Energy, Fundamentals, Resource Analysis and Economics

Selection and Use of Engineering Materials

There are two important principles that should apply to materials selection in engineering manufacture: (1) materials selection should be an integral part of the design process; (2) materials selection should be numerate.

Heat Treatment of Metals

Modem engineering design is generally towards greater strength allied to lighter weight in the various materials used for constructional purposes.

What's New!

Measuring Case Depth Hardness

Acceptable Methods of Measuring Case Depth Hardness

Fatigue Testing Gear Materials

Rolling element fatigue lives of nine alloys were evaluated in Rolling Contact (RC) rigs. Test conditions included a Hertzian stress at 4,826 MPa (700 ksi), a rolling speed of 6.23 m/sec (245 in/sec.).

Case Hardening of Steel

The following descriptions and explanations were written mainly for the use of those actively engaged or interested in the commercial production of case-hardened objects.

Ford Motor Company's Investment Efficiency Initiative

Case Study: Ford Motor Company's Investment Efficiency Initiative

Feature Based Concurrent Engineering System

This research project is aimed at development of a concurrent engineering system for integrated product and process development of machined component designs. Its main purpose is to evaluate the feasibility of implementation of a concurrent engineering system which provides both horizontal and vertical integration of CAD/CAM systems.

Pipe Stress Clamping Force

Pipe Stress due to Clamping Force Spreadsheet Calculator

Concurrent Engineering For Composites

During the last decade, the composites industry has faced increasing competition on a world wide basis. This has led to an increasing emphasis on the development of newer and improved materials and processes.

Concurrent Engineering Teams

This paper specifically addresses the management and organizational issues surrounding concurrent engineering teams and their meetings and identifies the types of computer support that would be beneficial to the group problem solving activities of the concurrent engineering teams.

Pilot Hole Drill Sizes Wood Screws

Pilot Hole Drill Sizes for Wood Screws per. ANSI B18.6.1 Size Table

ANSI Wood Screws Table #2

ANSI Flat, Pan, and Oval Head Wood Screws per. ANSI B18.6.1 Size Table #2

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