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1936 Car Assembly Line

Filmed in 1936 at the Chevrolet Plant in Flint, Michigan.

Porsche 911 Assembly Line


Porsche 911 Assembly Line #2


Design Guidance for Producibility Engineering Design Handbook

Engineering Design Handbook, Design Guidance for Producibility

Heat Transfer Practical Approach

In engineering practice, an understanding of the mechanisms of heat transfer is becoming increasingly important since heat transfer plays a crucial role in the design of vehicles, power plants, refrigerators, electronic devices, buildings and bridges, among other things.

Advances in Heat Transfer

The serial publication “Advances in Heat Transfer” is designed to fill the information gap between the regularly scheduled journals and university level textbooks. The general purpose of this series is to present review articles or monographs on special topics of current interest

Willys Jeep Promotion Film

Willys, the “World’s Largest Manufacturer of Utility Vehicles,” presents the “Jeep Family of 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles and Special Equipment,” a circa 1954 black-and-white film promoting Jeeps produced for civilian use.

Optimal Level of Automation in the Automotive Industry

Strong competition on the global automotive market is forcing car manufacturers rethink their strategic approach to manufacturing. In order to be competitive, companies need to manufacture variety of new car models at the lowest cost.

RF Circuit Design

RF Circuit Design is written for those who desire a practical approach to the design of rf amplifiers, impedance matching networks, and filters. It is totally user oriented. If you are an individual who has little rf circuit design experience, you can use this book as a catalog of circuits, using component values designed for your application.

Design AC Generators and Synchronous Motors

Design of Alternating Generators and Synchronous Motors

What's New!

Machine Design Part I Fastenings

The main purpose of this book is to present, in compact lorm for the use of the student and designer, modern American data from the best practice in the branch of Machine Design to which the work refers.

KanBan Production Fixed and Semi Fixed BOM

KanBan Production Fixed and Semi Fixed BOM

Manufacturing Work Cell Optimization

Manufacturing Work Cell Optimization: The design, layout and cycle time analysis. This video provides insight into the three essentials of manufacturing work cell optimization, design & layout

Design for Manufacturability and Concurrent Engineering

This book shows companies how to design products that are manufacturable the first time and enables companies to quickly develop low- cost, high- quality products that satisfy customer needs by design.

Processes and Design for Manufacturing

Before learning about various manufacturing processes and the concept of design for manufacturing, we first must become familiar with some technical terms that are used frequently during the planning for and operation of industrial manufacturing plants.

Gage Design and Gage-Making Manual

A treatise on the development of gaging systems for interchangeable manufacturing, the design of different types of gages and their production, including precision machining operations, lapping, and various modern appliances for gage measurement.

Design Engineering and Manufacturing Perspective from Europe and Asia

A primary objective of knowledge engineering is to facilitate the application of knowledge arising from product design and the planning of the manufacturing process for new and modified products. Knowledge is an expensive and valuable commodity so the development of methods for its capture, representation and application are of considerable importance.

Frame Deflection Concentrated Load 9 on Right Vertical Member Displacement Calculator

Concentrated Load on Right Vertical Member Elastic Frame Deflection Left Vertical Member Guided Horizontally, Right End Pinned Equation and Calculator.

Engineering Drawings for Manufacture

This book is a foundational book for manufacturing engineering students studying the topic of engineering drawing. Engineering drawing is important to manufacturing engineers because they are invariably at the receiving end of a drawing

Design for Manufacture Vintage Video

Though the video is quite old but the concepts presented and discussed in the design of a machined part are still applicable. The dimensioning and tolerancing appear to be pre-GD&T.

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