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Concurrent Engineering Standards

Concurrent Engineering Through Product Data Standards

Design to Cost and Life Cycle Cost

Some products may be built to a minimum first cost without regard to later costs incurred as a result of initial cost savings. Presumably if this is overdone,the marketplace will shun the product and a more rational balanced design will win out.

Concept Design and Design-to-Cost Trade Studies

Techniques for Conducting Effective Concept Design and Design-to-Cost Trade Studies

Design to Cost Concept and Application

Design- to-Cost is described and placed in context with other policy revisions. Impacts of recent changes and resultant controversies are explored. Sample cases display the actual implementation of Design- to-Cost . Problem areas are enumerated and remedial actions proposed.

Geometric Boundaries III , Interpretation and Application of GD&T

Geometric Boundaries III, Interpretation and Application of GD&T per. ASME Y14.5-2009 and ASME Y14.41-2012

Project Management and Systems Engineering

The role of the project manager is to acquire equipments which will perform the required functions at an affordable price and by the time they are needed. In these days of constrained budgets, "affordable" may be defined as the least total cost to the government only with the proviso that the functions to be performed are worth that expenditure.

Manufacturing Technology Advances

Manufacturing companies in high-wage countries are challenged with increasing volatile and global markets, short innovation cycles, cost-pressure and mostly expensive resources. However, these challenges can also open up new business opportunities for companies if they are able to produce customer-specific products at mass production costs and if they can rapidly adapt to the market dynamics while assuring optimised use of resources.

Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing Technology Implementation Study

Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing Technology Implementation Study

Aircraft Mechanics Handbook

Aircraft Mechanics Handbook, Airframe and Power Plant General

Pilot Holes and Field Matching Drilling Aluminum and Steel

To make a fastener hole of the correct size, first drill a hole slightly undersize. This is known as predrilling, and the hole is called a pilot hole. Ream the pilot hole with a twist drill of the correct size to get the required dimension. General pilot and reaming drill sizes for aluminum rivets are shown in the table below.

What's New!

Aircraft Airframe Handbook Mechanics

Aircraft Airframe Handbook, Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics. Because there are so many different types of aircraft in use today, it is reasonable to expect that differences exist in airframe components and systems.

Aircraft Powerplant Handbook

Aircraft Powerplant Handbook, Airframe and Power Plant Series. This advisory circular is printed for persons preparing for a mechanics certificate with a powerplant rating. It is intended to provide basic information on principles, fundamentals, and technical procedures in the areas relating to the power- plant rating. This is designed to serve as a guide for students enrolled in a formal course of instruction, as well as the individual who is studying on his own.

Aircraft Airframe Structural Design

The book represents several decades of data collection, research, conversations with different airframe specialists, plus the author's more than twenty years' experience in airframe structural design. In addition, the text is partly based on the author's lecture (Structures Symposium of Airframe Design) for the Lockheed Extension Education Program (LEEP).

Design of Hardened Structures, Principles and Practices

This manual by original intent does not attempt to extend the theoretical frontiers per se. Rather, the intent is to select and apply existing theory and procedures so that the result is based upon the best available knowledge. The manual, therefore, draws liberally from the referenced sources. In some few cases (which are noted) portions of references were felt to be precisely suited to the discussion and are therefore included.

3D Printing for Superalloys

Additive 3D Printing Manufacturing for Superalloys – Producibility and Cost Validation

3D Printing Manufacturing of Aerospace Alloys

Additive 3D Printing Manufacturing of Aerospace Alloys for Aircraft Structures

Differences Between ASME Y14.5-2009 and ASME Y14.5-2018

The ASME Y14.5-2018 standard is the only dimensioning and tolerancing guideline for the design language of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T.) within the United States. This standard establishes industry practices for stating and interpreting dimensioning and tolerancing or "GD&T" and related requirements for use on engineering drawings and related documents.

Rolling Bearings Gauging Practices

Methods for measurement of dimensional accuracy, running accuracy and radial internal clearance of rolling bearings.

Rolling Element Bearings Analysis

Rolling-element bearings are a precision, yet simple, machine element of great utility. In this report we draw together the current understanding of rolling-element bearings.

Structural Bearings and Expansion Joints

All bridges are subjected to movements due to temperature expansion and elastic strains induced by various forces, especially due to traffic loads. In former times our bridges were built of stones, bricks or timber.

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