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Degrees Baume', Relative Density, lb/gal. Calculator

Degrees Baume', Relative Density, lb/gal. Calculator

Relative Densities at 60°/60°F Corresponding to Degrees Baum´ e for Liquids Lighter than Water and Weights per U.S. Gallon at 60°F

Note: The weights from the table calculator are in air at 60°F with humidity 50 percent and pressure 760 mm.

Calculated from the formula:

R e l a t i v e   D e n s i t y 60 60 F = 140 130 + d e g / B a u m e


RD = Relative density
APIdeg = Degrees API

The relative density of liquids is usually measured by means of a hydrometer. In addition to a scale reading in relative density as defined above, other arbitrary scales for hydrometers are used in various trades and industries. The most common of these are the API and Baum´e. The API (American Petroleum Institute) scale is approved by the American Petroleum Institute, the ASTM, the U.S. Bureau of Mines, and the National Bureau of Standards and is recommended for exclusive use in the U.S. petroleum industry, superseding the Baum´e scale for liquids lighter than water.


Marks Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers