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Relative Density Degrees API and lb/gal. Calculator

Relative Density, Degrees API and lb/gal. Calculator

Density of a body is its mass per unit volume. With SI units densities are in kilograms per cubic meter. However, giving densities in grams per cubic centimeter has been common. With the USCS, densities are given in pounds per mass cubic foot

Relative Densities at 60°/60°F Corresponding to Degrees API and Weights per U.S. Gallon at 60°F

Note: The weights from the table calculator are in air at 60°F with humidity 50 percent and pressure 760 mm.

Calculated from the formula:

R D = 141.5 131.5 + A P I d e g


RD = Relative density
APIdeg = Degrees API


Marks Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers