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Degrees Baume' to Relative Density Calculator

Degrees Baume' to Relative Density Calculator

Relative Densities at 60°/60°F Corresponding to Degrees Baum´ e for Liquids Heavier than Water

Calculated from the formula:

R e l a t i v e   d e n s i t y   60 60 F = 145 145 d e g   B a u m e

The Baumé scale is a pair of hydometer scales developed by French pharmacist Antoine Baumé in 1768 to measure density of various liquids. The unit of the Baumé scale has been notated variously as degrees Baumé , , Bé° and simply Baumé (the accent is not always present). One scale measures the density of liquids heavier than water and the other, liquids lighter than water. The Baumé of distilled water is 0. The API gravity scale is based on errors in early implementations of the Baumé scale.


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