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Buckling Rectangular Column

Buckling of a rectangular column on the basis of Murnaghan's formula for strain energy


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Open: Buckling of a rectangular column

The classical theory of buckling of columns is based upon the assumption of small deformations and cross-sections of dimensions so small as compared to the length that simple bending formulae are applicable. By analyzing the change in strain energy caused by small perturbations from the simple compressed state buckling criteria can be derived which are valid for large strains and crosssections. The derivations are, however, generally based upon the classical formula for strain energy density.

1. Introduction 1
2. Strain Energy Due to Perturbations 3
3 Conditions of Critical Strain 8
4. An Upper of Stable Strain 12
5. Buclling Criteria Below Limit Strain l6
6. Evaluation of Buckling Strain for Small Sections 25
Footnotes 50