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    Structural Beam Column Splice Calculations
    Structural Beam Splice Calculations, Structural Beam Column Splice Calculations, Structural End Plate Beam Calculations
    Electrical Panelboard Load Calculator Excel
    Calculate Voltage / Voltage Difference of Each Phase, Calculate Unbalanced Load in Neutral Wire. Calculate Expected Temperature rise in Each Phase. Calculate Load in Each Phase and Outgoing Feeders, Calculate Starting/Full Load/Continuous/Non Continuous Load, Calculate Size of Cables for Each Outgoing Feeder.
    Structural Rectangular Spread Footing Analysis Calculator
    This program assumes that the spread footing is in fact "rigid", so that the bearing pressure is distributed linearly on a homogeneous soil. (Note: the actual footing is generally not "rigid", nor is the pressure beaneth it distributed linearly. However, it has been found that solutions using the assumed "rigid" concept are adequate and generally result in a conservative design.)
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