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    Projectile Motion Calculator and Graph
    Projectile Motion Calculator and Graph - Trajectory of a spherical projectile with fluid drag included.
    Advection of a Passive Scalar in One and Two Dimensions
    This workbook is intended for use as demonstrations in an introductory course in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer at the introductory graduate and advanced undergraduate level.port (FCT) and Total Variation Diminishing (TVD).
    Interation Demonstrations Spreadsheet
    This workbook includes three separate demonstrations of Gauss-Seidel (Liebmann) iteration for the solution of systems of linear equations.
    Solution of Blasius Equation
    This workbook performs a numerical solution of the Blasius equation for flow in a laminar, self-similar, flat plate boundary layer.
    Air-Water Properties Excel Calculators
    Five state and transport properties of air and seven of water, all of which are functions of temperature, are included in this module.
    Planks Law Spreadsheet
    This workbook computes and displays the spectral blackbody emissive power for a number of source temperatures.
    Periodic Conduction in a Semi-Infinite Body Calculator
    Periodic Conduction in a Semi-Infinite Body Excel Calculator. Animates the analytical solution for transient conduction in a semi-infinite body subject to a periodically varying temperature at the exposed face.
    Two-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction Excel Spread Sheet Calculator
    evaluates the analytical solution for steady-state conduction in a unit square with one boundary held at a different temperature than the other three and returns a raised contour plot of the results.
    Internal-Flow Convection Correlations
    This workbook computes the Nusselt number for forced convection in a circular pipe as a function of the Reynolds (based on diameter) and Prandtl numbers (and where appropriate one or two other parameters).
    Competitive Semiconductor Manufacturing (CSM) Program Excel Spreadsheet
    This Excel workbook provides spreadsheet models for calculating revenues and costs of wafer fabrication.
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