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    Torsion Properties – Irregular Sections
    Torsion Properties – Irregular Sections. Stress Analysis Manual, Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory, Wright Patterson AFB, OH, Oct 1986
    Torsion Properties Regular Sections
    Torsion properties of Regular Cross-Sections.
    Airbus and Boeing Seat Track Specifications
    Section properties of common Airbus and Boeing Seat Tracks
    Section Properties Shapes
    Section properties of various common regular shapes. References: Non Specific, General Method
    Aluminum Material Data Plastic Bending
    Aluminum Material Data Plastic Bending. Cozzone Method using Fty and Ftu as the reference stresses deriving the area of the trapezoidal stress distribution.
    Stress Strain Aluminum Alloys
    Full Range Stress Strain and elastic-plastic buckling Curves for Common Aluminum Alloys.
    Aluminum Engineering Material Data
    A tabulation of commonly used Aluminum Alloy material properties.
    Unsteady 2D Conduction Heat Transfer Excel Spreadsheet Calculator
    Heat Transfer - Unsteady 2D conduction heat transfer including heat generation, convection or temperature boundary conditions.
    1D Compressible Flows Excel Spreadsheet Calculator
    1D compressible flows: Rayleigh and other diabatic processes, isentropic, Fanno, and normal shocks excel spreadsheet.
    Performance of Steady-Flow Propulsion Engines Excel Spreadsheet Calculator
    Ideal and non-ideal performance of steady-flow propulsion engines (turbojets, afterburning turbojets, turbofans, ramjets), including P-V and T-s diagrams excel spreadsheet.
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