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Paper-based Wireless Explosive Device Sensor
University researchers have developed a prototype wireless sensor capable of detecting trace amounts of a key ingredient found in many explosives.
3D X-rays in the operating room
Having an operation always places strain on patients, and this is especially true of complicated operations. Surgeons use 3D X-rays to check the results before the patient has left the operating room. This does help to avoid possible complications, but it also means interrupting the surgery.
Tension wood study broadens biofuels research
Taking a cue from Mother Nature, researchers at the Department of Energy’s BioEnergy Science Center have undertaken a first-of-its-kind study of a naturally occurring phenomenon in trees to spur the development of more efficient bioenergy crops.
Artificial Skin is Transparent Thin and Flexible Sensor
Imagine having skin so supple you could stretch it out to more than twice its normal length in any direction -- repeatedly -- yet it would always snap back completely wrinkle-free when you let go of it. You would certainly never need Botox.
Efficient ethanol conversion of corn
Not all parts of a corn stalk are equal, and they shouldn't be treated that way when creating cellulosic ethanol, say Purdue University researchers.
Magnetic Nanoswitch for Thermoelectric Voltages
Due to a recently discovered effect in magnetic tunnel structures, thermoelectric voltages in nano-electronic junctions can be controlled.
Next generation of microchips from Graphene
Scientists at the University of Manchester have come one step closer to creating the next generation of computer chips using wonder material graphene.
Innovative optical signal processing for power-hungry, high-speed networks
A new all-optical signal processing device to meet the demands of high capacity optical networks and with a wide range of applications including ultrafast optical measurements and sensing has been developed by researchers at the University of Southampton.
Viewing fusion with worlds fastest light deflector
FUSION, the world’s great promise for a source of clean and virtually limitless energy, could replicate the very process that powers the stars to meet our most pressing needs on Earth. Lawrence Livermore’s National Ignition Facility (NIF) is conducting experiments aimed at achieving fusion ignition and energy gain, the process whereby more energy is released than is required to initiate the fusion reaction.
Acoustic Cloak Research
Researchers have taken another step towards achieving what is known as "acoustic undetectability.

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