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Monitoring food with millimeter waves
We may be able to see through glass, water and air, but not packing paper, plastic or cardboard. What remains hidden from the human eye is made visible by a new millimeter-wave sensor: unlike x-ray scanners, it can see through non-transparent materials without sending out harmful rays.
Thermal vacuum insulation panels for homes
Insulation panels that are both thin and effective are expensive. At present these high-end products are built into energy-saving refrigerators. Innovative components and production techniques are now set to sink the costs – so that private home-builders can also benefit from the new technology.
Biochip tests for blood poisoning quickly
Speed can save lives – especially in the case of blood poisoning. The more quickly and directly doctors recognize and treat sepsis, the greater the patient’s chances of survival. With the help of a new biochip, physicians will now be able to analyze blood within their own practice.
First printed carbon nanotube transistor circuits for displays
Researchers outline the first practical demonstration of CNT based printed circuits for display backplane applications revealing CNT's viable candidacy as a competing technology alongside amorphous silicon and metal oxide semiconductor solution as a low-cost and scalable backplane option.
Graphene lights up with new possibilities
Rice researchers' two-step technique makes graphene suitable for organic chemistry
Integrated 3-D imaging for human face transplantation
By combining conventional medical imaging with some of the same 3-D modeling techniques used in Hollywood blockbusters, researchers are offering new hope to victims of serious facial injuries who may be candidates for human facial transplants.
Graphene Foam Detects Explosives, Emissions Better Than Today’s Gas Sensors
A new study from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute demonstrates how graphene foam can outperform leading commercial gas sensors in detecting potentially dangerous and explosive chemicals.
Piezoelectric sensors sensitiveness amplified
A team of university researchers, aided by NIST scientists, has succeeded in integrating a new, highly efficient piezoelectric material into a silicon microelectromechanical system. This development could lead to significant advances in sensing, imaging, and energy harvesting.
High definition video pill
Cameras ingested in the form of a pill make it possible to examine areas of the stomach and intestines that cannot be reached using traditional equipment. Norwegian researchers are busy developing the next-generation camera pill.
Revolutionary ultrasonic nozzle that will change the way water cleans
A team of scientists from the University of Southampton have developed a revolutionary ultrasonic attachment for taps, which massively enhances the ability of water to clean.

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